1. Research: How to Vet Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia
Not all personal injury lawyers are created equal. Be sure to ask the personal injury lawyer to provide their education background and previous experience with personal injury cases in the Philadelphia area. Also, be sure to ask for the contact information for at least three of the personal injury lawyer’s past clients with cases similar to yours. A trustworthy personal injury lawyer will be very transparent with their experience, success rate, and they will be happy to offer you references local to Philadelphia.

2. What is My Personal Injury Case Worth in Philadelphia?
This is a tricky question. The right and honest answer your personal injury lawyer should give you upfront is, “I need more information.” No attorney will be able to promise you a settlement amount without collecting information and assessing the case. Settlement amounts often depend on the injuries, types of treatment, duration of treatment, venue and other more personal questions. If your personal injury laqwyer provides you with a settlement amount before having this information, then you are not working with a trustworthy attorney and should search for a new personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia.

3. How to Avoid Ambulance Chaser Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia
If you receive a solicitation in the mail after you’ve been in an accident, you’re likely being pursued by an Ambulance Chaser. There are plenty of personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia who fit this description – stay away from them! The goal of these lawyers is to get a lot of minor personal injury cases and settle them quickly. They make their profit from high turnover, meaning they won’t put as much time and effort into each case. The end result is that you won’t receive the time, commitment, and ultimately, the settlement that you deserve.

4. What Will Happen if My Personal Injury Case Goes to Trial?
This question will help you gage how experienced your personal injury lawyer is with personal injury law in Philadelphia. It will also help you judge your lawyers commitment to the case. Be wary of personal injury lawyers who assure you that the case will be settled out of court and will not need a trial. They are either not truly committed to getting you the compensation you deserve, or they are simply not used to the typical procedure that personal injury law often requires.

5. What are Personal Injury Lawyer Fees Contingent Upon?
Your personal injury lawyer should be upfront about your case fees. In most personal injury cases in Philadelphia, fees are not collected unless you win your case. If you win, the fees are contingent upon a percentage that will be paid to the attorney from the party or party’s insurance company who is at fault if the attorney is able to settle or win the case. A good contingency rate is around 25 to 30 percent of the settlement you’ll be paid at the end of a successful trial.