LiabilityAmericans deal with defective products and product recalls all the time, but did you know that you could file a defective product liability lawsuit if a product doesn’t perform in the manner that it claims to? Vehicle defects, packaged food defects and prescription drug defects are among the most common products involved in defective product liability cases.

All defective product liability cases fall under one of these claims:

Manufacturing Defect

Errors during the manufacturing process of any product can result in a manufacturing defect that makes the product dangerous for a user. Manufacturing defect lawsuits also cover possible misuse of products by the end user where the manufacturer should have foreseen and prevented the misuse.

Defective Design

Defective design lawsuits cover products that are unreasonably dangerous when used in its intend manner. In a defective design lawsuit, the consumer can sue the manufacturer for design a defective and dangerous product.

Marketing Defect

A claim involving a marketing defect can be brought against a manufacturer when a product has insufficient instructional material or warning labels. Lack of instruction or proper warning can result in a user insufficiently aware of how to use the product in a safe manner, potentially causing injury or death.

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