Constructions AccidentsConstruction sites are notoriously dangerous, putting construction workers in life threatening situations at each job site. If injured at a construction site, workers are will often collect workers’ compensation benefits in addition to being able to bring a lawsuit against a third party such as a general contractor or building owner.

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These are the most common types of construction accidents:

Slips, trips and falls

The abundance of equipment and need to climb heights in order to complete jobs makes slips, trips and falls one of the leading causes of injury and death in the construction industry. Construction safety plans contain provisions to protect workings, but hazards such as poor scaffold construction, dangerous ladders and unkempt work areas account for a high number of injuries each year.


Though electricity is set up on building projects by trained professionals using adequate protection, electrical incidents remain one of the main causes of injury on construction job sites. Improper use of equipment and extension cords and contact with power lines are common ways construction workers suffer from electrocution on the job site.

Struck-by Accidents

With cranes, trucks and other heavy equipment beings used on job sites, workers are at risk of being struck by a variety of equipment while working. Falling objects and unstable building conditions can also result in serious injuries.

Trench Accidents

While cave-ins of trenches are a serious concern for many workers, there are other trench accidents that are just as serious. Asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen in the closed space, toxic fume inhalation, drowning and contact with underground lines are all risks workers take involving trenches.

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