Go Justice Founder files suit against Quest Labs for severe median injury caused to a patient during a routine blood draw. When blood is being drawn during a venipuncture procedure, many nurses and clinicians choose the cephalic vein, drawing blood from the antecubital fossa. If improper insertion of the IV catheter occurs, contact and damage can occur to the median nerve, leading to unsurmountable pain.

Millions of Americans undergo some type of blood procedure on an annual basis, putting their trust in blood lab’s and nurses to correctly draw their blood. When mistakes are made, or the needle and IV is placed in the wrong vein, permanent damage can be suffered. Damage to the median nerve can lead to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a condition that has no known cure. There is a severe altering nature of injury due to negligence of the labs that you trust.

When there is damage to the median nerve, you will experience a constant pain shooting down your forearm to the wrist. There are treatment options available, but when a median injury is sustained, medical bills skyrocket as victims are in and out of doctor’s offices. Many victims are unable to afford the mounting fees.

If a needle is inserted into the arm to sample blood, and you immediately feel pain, let the nurse know. If the needle is removed, you can minimize the nerve damage and avoid permanent injury. If the clinician keeps the needle in your arm and draws blood while you’re in clear discomfort, you have grounds to claim medical malpractice in Philadelphia for your injuries.

Treatment options for victims of median injuries include narcotics, implanted morphine pumps, splints, casts, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units. If you’re experiencing hypersensitivity to changes in temperature, the inability to lift heavy objects, or excessive growth to nails and hair, you can have median nerve damage and you should contact an attorney immediately.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury during blood work or injection, let us assist you. We work with lawyers around the country to help you get past the situation and provide representation that leads to compensation for your pain. If Go Justice attorneys cannot represent you, we’ll refer you to the lawyers who can. Contact Go Justice today at 866-GOJUSTICE.