Speaking out on the Five Most “Frivolous” Lawsuits by “Greedy” Trial Lawyers

Corporate America refers to trial lawyers as greedy when they pursue “frivolous” lawsuits. These suits put the governments and corporations in the spotlight for breaking the law and causing harm to the public. Public Justice is a group of public interest advocates that recognize and celebrate trial lawyers for their non-stop efforts to bring wrongdoers to justice. Each year, Public Justice determines five finalists for Trial Lawyer of the Year, honoring the settlement that has made a critical contribution to public interest.

Trial lawyers don’t recover or ask for any fees unless the case results in their favor, which means they put hours of work into each representation without collecting a retainer. The incredible work that is completed by trial lawyers frequently goes unrecognized, and they’re doing the public a genuine service. If you need a civil rights lawyer in Philadelphia or are seeking legal advice for harm and injuries sustained at the negligence of another, trial lawyers offer you the hope of receiving the compensation you deserve.

The five cases that have made the short list for Trial Lawyer of the Year include:

  • David v. Signal International
  • Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania v. Wetzell
  • Elwin v. NS Home for Colored Children & Province of Nova Scotia
  • In re McCray, Richardson, Santana, Wise and Salaam Litigation
  • Navajo Nation v. U.S.

With all the backlash trial lawyers receive from corporations, they take great risks going up against the moguls of various industries. Year after year, corporations and organizations use their highly paid corporate attorneys to defend unlawful acts as trial lawyers take the side of the individual and aim to protect our rights.

When you have experienced or been the victim of an act that broke the law, rely on dedicated trial lawyers to help you get justice. Common examples of these cases include a defense against:

  • Discrimination
  • Mistreatment at Work or in Corporate Settings
  • Liability for Selling a Defective Product
  • Dishonest Action or Manipulation
  • Misdiagnosis or Medical Malpractice
  • Negligence that Causes Serious Injury

If you or someone you know requires legal advice or the assistance of an attorney for their situation, don’t hesitate to contact Go Justice at 866-GOJUSTICE. You can get past the frivolous lawsuits you’re dealing with and move on with your life. Don’t let an unlawful act or injury at the hands of another go unsettled. Get justice and deter corporations and individuals from committing unethical and wrongful acts in the future. Prevent further injustice through exposure.


Suit Filed by Go Justice against Quest Labs for Median Injury during Blood Draw

Go Justice Founder files suit against Quest Labs for severe median injury caused to a patient during a routine blood draw. When blood is being drawn during a venipuncture procedure, many nurses and clinicians choose the cephalic vein, drawing blood from the antecubital fossa. If improper insertion of the IV catheter occurs, contact and damage can occur to the median nerve, leading to unsurmountable pain.

Millions of Americans undergo some type of blood procedure on an annual basis, putting their trust in blood lab’s and nurses to correctly draw their blood. When mistakes are made, or the needle and IV is placed in the wrong vein, permanent damage can be suffered. Damage to the median nerve can lead to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a condition that has no known cure. There is a severe altering nature of injury due to negligence of the labs that you trust.

When there is damage to the median nerve, you will experience a constant pain shooting down your forearm to the wrist. There are treatment options available, but when a median injury is sustained, medical bills skyrocket as victims are in and out of doctor’s offices. Many victims are unable to afford the mounting fees.

If a needle is inserted into the arm to sample blood, and you immediately feel pain, let the nurse know. If the needle is removed, you can minimize the nerve damage and avoid permanent injury. If the clinician keeps the needle in your arm and draws blood while you’re in clear discomfort, you have grounds to claim medical malpractice in Philadelphia for your injuries.

Treatment options for victims of median injuries include narcotics, implanted morphine pumps, splints, casts, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units. If you’re experiencing hypersensitivity to changes in temperature, the inability to lift heavy objects, or excessive growth to nails and hair, you can have median nerve damage and you should contact an attorney immediately.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury during blood work or injection, let us assist you. We work with lawyers around the country to help you get past the situation and provide representation that leads to compensation for your pain. If Go Justice attorneys cannot represent you, we’ll refer you to the lawyers who can. Contact Go Justice today at 866-GOJUSTICE.

The Injury Risk Associated with Slip and Fall Accidents

There are everyday instances where we can slip and fall on concrete, carpet, wet floors, or ice. As we go down, awkward landings leave us in pain. Sure, it could have been your fault, but if you were in a public setting, the correct signage and warnings should have been within vision.

The risk is high when talking about slip and falls. You can suffer nerve damage, torn ligaments, head, neck, back, spine, or hip injuries, and more. Some falls result in permanent disabilities or death. When you have slipped and fallen at the fault of another, it can have a drastic effect on your life.

Injury risks are most often associated with the surface of the floor or ground. The National Floor Safety Institute found that over 50% of all slip and fall accidents were directly related to hazardous walking surfaces. These surfaces include loose floorboards, recently waxed floors, torn carpeting, poor construction, ice, and more.

You can spend months rehabbing an injury or suffer significant nerve damage that you’ll never be the same. Property owners are liable for keeping buildings safe, and the proper representation can help you get the compensation you need to move on with your life.

Recently in the news, millions of dollars were awarded to victims of slip and fall accidents.

On April 7, 2015, a Philadelphia-based high school administrator was awarded a $5 million settlement for the injuries she suffered in 2012. Mercy Vocational High School was installing new floors in their hallways when Maria Mangano unlocked a classroom door for the contractor to install flooring. The contractor failed to mention there would be a slippery coating on the surface, and Mangano slipped and suffered significant nerve damage that left her unable to work. The $5 million was awarded for pain and suffering before the case was able to go to trial.

In Danvers, Massachusetts, a patch of ice in a Target parking lot led to a broken hip for 76-year-old Emanuel Papadopoulos. This case created a new standard, as the case was originally thrown out due to the fact that property owners were not liable for injuries caused by snow and ice. A five-year court process with numerous appeals by both parties, the daughters of Papadopoulos were recently awarded $400,000 with interest charges included.

A New Jersey man suffered serious spine and shoulder injuries after falling in a Perkins Restaurant parking lot in 2007. The constant medical attention, surgeries, and herniated discs in his back led to medical bills totaling around $250,000 out of pocket. In 2011, the victim was awarded $1.9 million for his suffering and the negligence of Perkins Restaurant.

Make sure you know your rights and the compensation you’re entitled to. Thousands of people slip and fall due to another’s negligence each year, and seeking the advice of an attorney can help you move on with your life.

If you need representation for slip and fall accidents, we’re here to help guide you in the right direction. Someone is at fault and you deserve to be compensated for your lost wages, medical bills, and distress. We have an extensive network of reputable attorneys to give you the representation you need. Contact GoJustice today at 866-GOJUSTICE.


Johnson & Johnson Pleads Guilty to Selling Children’s Tylenol and Motrin with Contaminants

Earlier this month, the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary unit McNeil-PPC Inc. pleaded guilty to knowingly selling contaminated children’s medicine. When the drugs were manufactured at their facility in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, they were bottled and processed using four lines of machinery that were dedicated to liquid formulations. The bottles in question contained either nickel or chromium contaminants, and McNeil paid a $20 million fine, forfeiting an additional $5 million by order of the Department of Justice.

The failure to comply with a good manufacturing practice led to the charge, which dates back to 2009. With their plea, McNeil’s facility remains shut down and they are still subject to permanent injunction. In May of 2009, McNeil saw a complaint centered around “black specks in the liquid on the bottom of the bottle.” After being found to contain nickel and chromium, McNeil failed to act or complete a Corrective Action Preventative Action plan.

Though the products reached the shelves and were contaminated, there were no reports of any injuries. Once it was determined that their Fort Washington facility was manufacturing the contaminated products, the FDA advised consumers to stop using the Tylenol, though the threat of serious medical problems was remote. There was a recall of over 136 million units in 2010. When suffering health problems and seeking a personal injury lawyer to tackle the problem, contact GoJustice today.

Recalls included such products as:

  • Tylenol
  • Motrin
  • Rolaids
  • Benadryl

Though no injuries have been reported, there could be a health problem developing in children that can arise at a later date. After all, with hundreds of millions of packages and bottles being recalled, how many were sold and consumed before the recall? You can view the complete case document here. Johnson & Johnson has become an untrustworthy source for medicines as they have lost $900 million in sales since 2009. Below you can see a news report on the $25 million settlement.

Carol Goodrich, a spokeswoman for McNeill’s Consumer Healthcare division, said in a statement, “This plea agreement fully and finally resolves the federal government’s investigation, and closes a chapter on actions that led the company to review and significantly improve its procedures.”

When you need representation for medical malpractice in PA or any other areas across the country when you’ve consumed harmful over-the-counter products, we’re here to help. We’ll connect you with reputable attorneys who will help you get the compensation you deserve. Do you think $25 million justifies the problem? Contact Go Justice today at 866-GOJUSTICE.


What to do When You’re Seriously Injured from Medical Errors

Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of deaths that relate directly to medical malpractice and negligence from your medical professionals. When you consult and are treated by a doctor, you’re putting your trust in them to ensure proper care. What makes this statistic most concerning is the fact that all of these errors could have been prevented.

It has been reported by the American Association for Justice that one in three patients that are admitted to the hospital will experience a medical error. When you’ve been seriously injured as a result of your trip to the doctor or hospital, you could see drastic effects on your life. From missed work time to overwhelming medical bills to inability to perform certain functions, your life can be turned upside down. We encourage you to seek medical malpractice legal advice for the injuries or suffering you’ve sustained.

If you have been injured, remember you’re not alone. The facts are staggering. According to Take Justice Back, there are 440,000 patients who die every year from medical errors that could be prevented. To take that into perspective, that’s the entire population of Atlanta dying from trips to the hospital in one calendar year. This negligence costs the United States tens of billions of dollars per year.

  • Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States—behind heart disease and cancer.
  • Over 95% of cases for medical malpractice are settled outside of a courtroom environment.
  • Allegations range from surgery to treatment to obstetrics to anesthesia to misdiagnosis.
Medical Malpractice Payout Analysis 2014 (Source: Diederich Healthcare)

When you think you are the victim of a negligent act, it is important you seek advice in a timely manner, and we’re here to help. We’ll inform you whether or not you have been a victim of negligence, or if you’re overreacting due to a bad outcome. You may think you’re deserving of some compensation, but Go Justice has experienced attorneys to connect you with a reputable personal injury lawyer in your area that will provide counsel for your situation.

Even if it is a minor injury or inconvenience for you, it is important to hold medical practitioners accountable for their mistakes. We take your safety extremely serious, and work diligently to make sure you receive everything that you deserve. It is our duty to help you get past your situation and assist in ensuring you’re able to move on with your lives.

Seek accountability. Seek GoJustice. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured, contact us at 866-GO-JUSTICE or email